9 Simple Exercises
to Lose Belly Fat

Do you know how to train your lower abs the right way?

There is no magic formula to lose belly fat fast, in 2 weeks and have yourself a flat belly like a model. The right combination is discipline, if you persevere and do the exercises in a constant way, I could tell you that is a Yes, You will have a flat belly soon. Remember to fight for the body you want. Nobody will do it for you. You are your own motivation, you are the boss, you decide if you stay in bed or to wake up early and say goodbye once and for all that uncomfortable belly fat.

Clarifying all the above. Next is to start workout these exercises as soon as possible.

Many of us are looking for ways to get a flat stomach fast by performing specific exercises, but the truth of the matter is that some workouts are not sufficient at all. If you want to burn your belly fat, you need to do this type of exercises to have a flat ab in a short time span.

This part of the body contains most of the excess fat. Also, for the ladies reading this, you naturally accumulate more fat than men in that area.

You desire to look in the mirror and be happy admiring your abs additional to that take a picture of your new body and share it with your friends.  To succeed is very important to be consistent.

You need to to have a fitness plan, and a low carb meal plan.

This 7-day low carb meal plan will help you to a lot.


Have you heard this well-known phrase:

Abs are made in the Kitchen!

That is why is crucial to consume the necessary calories and change the way you eat. In conclusion, you need a well-balanced diet.

Is essential to do the workouts below, to the letter. So no cheating allowed!

Let’s start.

1.Moutain Climber

To get your heart rate up fast do the famous mountain climber. This exercise is a killer one. You also fire essential muscles group in your body. For example, obliques, hamstring, biceps, triceps and all your entire midsection that connects at your pelvis.

You can do this one anywhere you like.


2. Cross climbers

Keep your abs strengthened, then pick up your left foot and gently bring your left knee toward your right elbow. Return to the start position, now gently bring your right knee toward your left elbow.


3. Flutter Kicks

Flutter kick is one of the best ab exercises to get a firm core. It provides a comprehensive workout for all the muscles of the entire midsection area.

Lye on your back and do. Use your obliques and abs muscles, the principal and side part to stabilize yourself on the ground. Begin scissoring your legs off the floor and kick while holding your main ab muscle.

4. V-ups

V-ups are an ideal exercise in combination with planks.

If you achieve to do both exercises, you will get a flat belly fast and easy.  The method is to start lying flat on your back on a soft mat.  The palm of your hands should face the ceiling.   You then need to have your legs straight and relax, then gradually come up. Strengthen your abs touch your toes and again gently let your torso fall back down again.


5. Rolling Side Plank

Your forearms need to be in a perpendicular position to your body; Not parallel. Contract your abs extensively and maintain this contraction.

Then roll your right forearm into a side plank with your left arm elevated above you. Next move back to the start plank position; move to your left forearm into a side plank with your right arm elevated above you. Return to the start position.

6. Heel Tap

Lay flat on your back on a soft mat with your shoulders and head raised; you need to be in a position where you can look to the front between your legs. You then bent the knees with the soles of the feet flat on the soft mat on the floor. 

Alternate touch each ankle with your hands by moving side to side, keep the shoulders and head raised off the floor.


7. Sliding Pike

The start position is in high plank with your feet on sliders.

Brace your core with the hip-hiking technique toward the ceiling, pull your feet in toward hands, leaving both hands and your shoulders in the same place. Slide your feets back and forward, repeat seven times, relax 30 seconds and start again.


8. Straight Leg Raises

Lying flat on a soft mat on the floor, contract your abs and lift your legs gently off the ground, bringing both legs to a 90-degree position. Next Gently get them back to the ground. Repeat eight times with both legs.

Remember to perform this exercise slowly.


9. Burpee

Stand straight with your feet bear width separated and hands by your sides. This is the begin position.

In one smooth movement, crouch and spot your hands palms down on the floor before your feet.

Lean forward, so your weight is staring you in the face, in the meantime hoping your legs out behind you until they are completely expanded. Your body should frame a straight line with your weight upheld on your toes and the bundles of your feet and your arms completely broadened. (In a push-up position)

Hop your feet out by spreading your legs, with the goal that they are more extensive than hip-width separated, at that point promptly bounce them back together.

Complete one full push up.

Bounce your feet forward to directly behind your hands.

Utilize a touchy movement to push through your heels and come back to the begin position.


The belly fat burners exercises above will help you look outstanding good plus you will achieve the fitness level you desire.

You need to Burn Belly Fat not only to look in excellent shape but to stay fit, thrive and healthy while you age. If you are otherwise stronger, but your belly is exxagerated big and not good looking, you must vigorously work on decreasing your abdomen to stay stronger for longer.

Removing on your sugar, refined carbs, liquor, and trans-fat, and changing to a high-protein and high-fiber diet can help you a great deal in lessening midsection fat. In any case, there is a couple of way of life changes that will fasten the entire procedure.

A. De-stress

De-Stress yourself as high cortisol levels reproduce when you are stressed, and cortisol is associated to push fat storage in and around your visceral region. Practice deep breathing, choose a care-free attitude towards issues that are beyond your control.


B. Do Cardio Exercises

Perform cardio exercises that spike your heart-rate instantly to burn calories and belly fat effectively. You can choose from HIIT or HIT workouts to achieve more significant results also when you are pushed for time and don’t have the opportunity to spare an extra 20 minutes a day.

C. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting has obtained popularly recently; however, many of us believe the idea of fasting doesn’t work anymore. But the truth of the matter is that alternative day fasting in average 12 hours in an average of 8 hours period has given excellent results in just 16-20 weeks.


D. Take Rest

You need at least 8 hours of continuous sleep to retain your cortisol levels in check. Some studies have linked lack of sleep with weight gain. Follow a sleep routine and stick to the hours to enjoy deep sleep regularly.

E. Start Journaling

Start journaling what you eat. It will enable you to keep the necessary information of your day to day eating habits, in this way you will avoid lousy nourishment decisions.

To summing-up, watch this video, and you will have a better idea of what I’m trying to tell you here.

Do the excersices to lose belly fat, but with persistence and follow the tips above to have a long and healthy life, you deserve it. Go for it.

Stay Fit.

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