8 Simple Exercise to Reduce Flabby Arms

Do you have no confidence because of flabby arms?

Do you want to get rid of the excess fat in the back of your upper arms that makes you look old?

It does not matter if you were athletic before. Flabby arms have not compassion. It looks as bad as belly pooch.

Flabby arms causes

As we age our skin stops getting the stretch, poor lifestyle choices, your genetic and the absence of a healthy diet plan are determinant factors to flabby arms.
You need to exercise regularly, plus a well balanced low carb meal plan like this one should help you to get rid of flabby arms forever.  With this exercises you will feel your arms getting stronger, that is when you will know the routines are working.

You can do this kind of exercises anywhere, but remember you must work it out consistently. The key here as always is discipline.

Let’s start


1. Triceps Dips

This exercise target the tricep muscles is a simple but effective exercise. Lovering and raising your body with your arms engage the shoulder muscles and also your triceps.


2. Tricep Extensions

While holding your 5 lbs, dumbbells raise the arms over your chest.

Bent your elbows gently. Do not lock them; gradually bend them at a 90 degrees angle while reaching the floor. Both elbows need to be on either side of the head. Go back to the start position. Repeat the process 7 to 11 times.


3. Resistance Band Bent Over Row

To reinforce a proper hip flexion, you should do perks, this type of exercise also build a firm back. You flex at the hips and not the waist. When you are a beginner, it gets a little bit difficult because this is not a typical workout position. Practice and practice then you will do it with no difficulty.

With the bands in the same position as the upright row in a hinge your upper body forward at the hips at a 45-degree angle. The start position is with your arms hanging down, then your elbows tucked as close as possible to your body, pulling the band back towards your waist. Lowers the arms back down and repeat.


4. Dumbbell Reverse Flyes – Bent Over

You bend forward at your hips, paralleling your torso to the floor. Do not do it with heavy dumbbells; grab a pair of 5lbs dumbbells at the beginning. Next with your dumbbells hanging straight down from the shoulders and your hands facing each other, bent your arms slightly.


5. Diamond Pushups

One benefit of this modified standard pushup it that you will get the cut arms or well-defined arms. Perform diamond pushups at least three to four times a week

How to do it?

You get into the usual pushup position with your hands together directly beneath your chest so that both index fingers and thumbs create a diamond shape.


6. Scissors Exercise for Arms

You swing the arms in front of and behind your body in a motion that simulate scissors. You stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding the arms out the sides. Do this parallel to the ground.  Alternate the arm on the top every other swing.


7. Arm Circles
Arm circles is an easy exercise but require practice to feel the benefits when you do it consistently.

Stretch your arms straight out to the sides, while standing with your feet a shoulder-width apart. You keep the shoulders down; it requires 30 small backward circles, then switch directions and perform 30 forward loops to feel the heat on your shoulders.


8. Arnold Shoulder Press

An exercise for the entire muscles.  It will help you to build muscle.

You sit on an exercise bench, then with your hands facing our body and your elbows bent, take two dumbbells in front of you at your upper chest level.  As you rotate the palms of your hands raise the dumbbells till they are facing forward.

Lift the dumbbells until your arms are extended above you in a straight arm form.

Pause for 5 seconds, lower the dumbbells to the start position while rotating the palms of your hands clockwise. Repeat 7 to 11 times.

Do all the exercise above regularly, and the results will be no flabby arms.